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Product Description

Introducing the new IDM Cement to the PPC range. A cement that is formulated for general mortar, plaster and concrete applications. The cement will give you cost effective mixes with great workability.


IDM 32,5 is designed to be the user-friendly solution for a wide range of projects:

  • Masonry work - mortar and plaster.
  • Concrete masonry - brick making.
  • Low strength concrete - foundations and paths.
  • Medium strength concrete - floors, driveways and mass concrete.
  • High strength concrete - concrete column slabs and water retaining structures.



IDM 32,5 is manufactured to conform to SANS 50197-1 for Common Cements, in the 32,5 strength class and is available either as a CEM II Portland- cement extended with siliceous fly ash (V), blastfurnace slag, (S) and/or limestone (L). Or as a CEM V, composite cement extended with blast furnace slag (S) and fly ash (V) depending on the geographical area

Technical Information



Cement bags are not weatherproof and should be stored undercover, off the ground to a maximum height of 12 bags or 2 pallets.


Bags: 50kg bags

(for transportation by road or rail):

  • Unitised 40 bags (2 tons) per unit.
  • Unitised on a pallet 40 bags (2 tons) per unit.
  • Unitised on a pallet and covered with plastic hood. 40 bags (2 tons) per unit.

(Please note the hood is shower-proof NOT waterproof)

(for transportation by the sea):

  • Sling bags 40 * 50kg bags in 2-ton sling bag.
  • Containers: 50 kg bags packed loose or in sling bags or on a pallet in standard shipping containers.


(for transportation by road or rail):

  • Bulk cement in road or rail tankers is not recommended as the high transportation cost does not make this viable.

(for transportation by the sea):

  • Bulk cement in 1,5 ton bulk bags as break-bulk or packed in shipping containers.

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