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The PPC Women’s forum was formed in 2011 and is recognised as a leading change agent for the empowerment of women in the workplace. This league of extraordinary women inspire communities, men and women alike, to face new opportunities and setbacks with confidence through building a culture of creativity and innovation. The PPC Women’s Forum aspires to create dialog, debate and forward thinking in addressing gender based barriers to entry for aspiring female leaders throughout Africa.  A meeting ground where values are deeply rooted in honour, strength, diversity and respect; the PPC Women’s Forum creates interconnected networks committed to facilitating  enduring transformation.

Programmes initiated by the PPC Women’s Forum aim to enable;

  • The mentorship and advancement of female leaders identified as future industry influencers
  • Highlight and apply emphasis on key areas that cultivate value through expansion
  • Identify and develop specialised skill sets aimed at furthering PPC’s personnel portfolio
  • Embrace diversity, refine strengths and advantage opportunities that employees offer
  • The mentorship and advancement of female leaders identified as future industry influencers
  • Share and discuss ideas, inspire and learn from each other’s experiences
  • Address environmental affairs and influence decisions that maintain environmental interests

Offering women in the workplace a medium to voice their issues and have these heard, the PPC  Women’s Forum encourages members to share their ideas and designs aimed at advancing communities and corporates alike. The women’s forum encourages conversations that communicate challenges and propose possible solutions to obstacles that females are faced with in the workplace. The group sets realistic objectives that enable extraordinary outcomes.

A business model that fails to embrace female game changers in the workplace is excluding more than half the population not just in South Africa, but across African counterparts. PPC honours an  enduring commitment to support the PPC Women’s Forum and the inordinate value that future female leaders within the forum proposition.