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Cevronseperator Cement

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Product Description

BOTCEM is made by intergrinding a controlled amount of fly ash with OPC. The intergrinding process is unique to PPC and allows for the fineness of BOTCEM to be carefully controlled to give consistent performance in the 32,5R strength class.


BOTCEM can be used in concrete to achieve the following additional benefits:
  • Reduced heat of hydration for mass concrete.
  • Resistance to sulphate attack is improved.
  • Resistance to alkali-silica reaction (ASR) where reactive aggregates are used.
  • Resistance to soft water attack is improved.
  • Resistance to chloride penetration, and subsequent corrosion of reinforcing, is improved.
  • Improved water retaining properties.
  • Improved workability during placing which enhances off-shutter finish and concrete pumpability.
Caution and good curing is required where large surfaces and thin sections are exposed to the elements at early ages. Any combination of dry, windy and hot conditions increase the risk of cracks developing in thin sections. Examples of thin sections are: concrete pavements, floor slabs, plaster and floor screeds. BOTCEM is compatible with commercial chemical admixtures. Seek specialist advice when using this product in aggressive conditions.


BOTCEM is manufactured to SANS 50197-1 for Common Cements, in the 32,5R strength class and is identified as: Cement CEM II/B-W 32,5R Where “V” indicates silicious fly ash, “W” represents calcareous fly ash, and “B” indicates 21% - 35% extender.

Typical Properties

Chemical Composition
Typical BOTCEM results for PPC Group
SANS 50197-1
CEM II/B-W 32.5R
Sulphur Trioxide: %


3,5 maximum

Chloride: % ±0,01 0,1 maximum


Physical Properties
Typical BOTCEM results for PPC Group
Specification requirements
SANS 50197-1
Class 32.5R
Setting times:
Initial: minutes


75 minimum

Fineness: Residue on 212 pm screen: % 0 -
Soundness: Le Chatelier Expansion (mm)

10 maximum

Typical mortar prism results determined in
accordance with EN 196-1

Early strength at 7 days(MPa)
Standard strength at 28 days(MPa)



>32.5 <52.5
Relative density
Bulk density, aerated, kg/m3
Bulk density, as packed, kg/m3   

Approximate Volume: 50kg bag, litres ± 33  


Bulk storage silos should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that the inspection hatch seal is watertight and filters are clean and unblocked. Cement bags are not weatherproof and should be stored undercover, off the ground to a maximum height of 12 bags.


BOTCEM is available in 50kg bags and in bulk from PPC Botswana factory.
Contact us for further details


Bags – 50 kg Polypropylene bags
  • Unitised 40 bags (2 tons) per unit
  • Unitised on a pallet 40 bags (2 tons) per unit
  • Unitised on a pallet and covered with plastic hood. 40 bags (2 tons) per unit.
(Please note the hood is shower-proof NOT waterproof)

  • Bulk cement in road or rail tankers is not recommended as the high transportation cost does not make this viable

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