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Annual General Meeting

View a list of AGM minutes and PDF download.

28 Aug 2017 Minutes of AGM 2017 Download PDF
31 Oct 2016 Minutes of AGM 2016 Download PDF
25 Jan 2016 Minutes of AGM 2016 Download PDF
26 Jan 2015 Minutes of AGM 2015 Download PDF
27 Jan 2014 Minutes of AGM 2014 Download PDF
28 Jan 2013 Minutes of AGM 2013 Download PDF
30 Jan 2012 Minutes of AGM 2012 Download PDF
31 Jan 2011 Minutes of AGM 2011 Download PDF
25 Jan 2010 Minutes of AGM 2010 Download PDF
05 Mar 2009 Minutes of AGM 2009 Download PDF
16 Oct 2008 Minutes of AGM 2008 Download PDF
23 Jan 2007 Minutes of AGM 2007 Download PDF
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  • PPC’s Materials business comprises of Safika Cement, Pronto Readymix (including Ulula Ash) and 3Q Mahuma Concrete. PPC’s footprint in the readymix sector has grown to include 26 batching plants across South Africa and Mozambique. PPC also produces aggregates; with its Mooiplaas aggregates quarry in Gauteng having the largest aggregate production capacity in South Africa. PPC Lime, one of the largest lime producers in the southern hemisphere, produces metallurgical-grade lime, burnt dolomite and limestone.

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