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About PPC Aggregates


PPC Aggregates supplies hard materials such as sand and crushed stone to the construction industry.
We also supply products to the chemical, metallurgical and agricultural industries.

Sourcing of aggregates

We supply sand and stone from three aggregate quarries, which are all are ISO 9001:2008 certified companies: Mooiplaas, Laezonia and Kgale. All three operations are members of the Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of South Africa (ASPASA).

Industry services & benefits

PPC Aggregates service the following industries: construction, asphalting, roads, readymix, concrete products, agricultural, steel, fertiliser and retail.

Delivery trucks

Aggregate deliveries from the Mooiplaas and Laezonia quarries can be arranged. Delivery trucks with the following capacities are available: 10, 14 and 20 cubic metres.

On-site laboratories

Physical product gradings are done on aggregates at our on-site laboratories, ensuring a high standard of quality.

Site and services

Our trained sales consultants are available to assist you with product and transport solutions.

Product technical services

Our qualified product technical managers will assist you by providing technical product information, product application recommendations and site call-outs.

Detailed product quality reports are produced on all products and made available to our customers.

Quality assurance

Annual internal audits are conducted at all operations to verify compliance of current processes, and to ensure continuous improvement on our products and services.

External parallel testing is done on our aggregate products on a regular basis to ensure compliance.

All the chemical analysis on the metallurgical dolomite is done by PPC Group Laboratories Services in Jupiter, Gauteng.

Manufacturing of aggregates

The commercial aggregates are processed from a range of geological rock types, including granite, dolomite, quartzite, dolerite and amphibolite.

:: Production and crushing process

The production of aggregates and sands starts with the drilling and blasting of the rock to produce rock on-ground.

Once the rock has been blasted, it is loaded onto dumper trucks and transported to a crusher for the initial (primary) crushing. During the primary crushing, particles ranging in size from dust to 450 mm are crushed to more suitable sizes.

The next steps are secondary and tertiary crushing (shaping) and screening of the aggregates and sands into the required fractions.

Aggregates are classed as coarse products with a particle size > 4.75mm and sands are defined as fine products with particle sizes of less than 4.75mm.

All processes are continuously monitored to ensure the end product meets relevant specifications and the requirements of our customers.
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