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PPC Lime – An Essential Chemical

PPC Lime is one of the most technologically advanced lime producers in the world and supplies almost 60% of the lime consumed in Southern Africa. Lime contributes in some way to most material things in our lives, making it an extremely versatile material. Read more about lime's versatility:

Lime Essential Chemical

Lime In Your Industry  Material Categories

PPC's Lime range of products offers the most cost-effective neutralising agents for the treatment of acid mine drainage in both the gold and coal industries. FGD applications PPC Lime has developed a number of products for new power stations to be used in the flue gas desulphurisation processes. Our high grade of burnt lime, with available Calcium Oxide consistently above 88%, offers the possibility of higher Sulfur Dioxide absorption with lower equipment capital cost as well as minimal water usage.

PPC Lime Offers The Following Services:

  • Supply the copper processing plants with high reactivity lime.
  • Manufacture highly reactive lump lime.
  • Manufacture burnt lime and burnt dolomite.
  • Our factory at Lime Acres is accredited with the ISO 9001 listing for Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 as well as OSHAS 18001.