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About PPC Lime


About PPC Lime – What Can Lime Do For You?

PPC Lime is the oldest and largest lime manufacturer in Southern Africa. Our products range from burnt lime and dolomite to raw limestone products, brought to the market in various size grades as per the requirements at point of use.

We have embraced the image of a reliable African elephant, whose qualities of strength and tenacity symbolise our zeal to strengthen our relationships with all our stakeholders and offer comprehensive solutions.

Like an African elephant, we act with compassion, love and wisdom. We treasure the lasting memories of the paths we have travelled with our customers.

What We Offer

  • We supply quality calcitic and dolomitic lime products.
  • We are an associate member of the NLA (National Lime Association of America).
  • We offer continuous product and packaging innovation to meet customers’ changing requirements.
  • Our diagnostic lab is available to assist with troubleshooting.
  • We offer assistance in stock management.
  • Lime supply, gypsum off-take (cement support option).


Northern Cape

Dolomitic lime and calcite products are manufactured at PPC Lime operations in Lime Acres, 160 km west of Kimberley in the Northern Cape.

Our open cast mining quarry has the capacity to produce more than eight million tons per annum, of which up to three million tons are high quality prime products. Raw product can either be sent to the kilns for calcination or supplied directly to the market.

PPC Lime operates four rotary shaft kilns, two fitted with vertical shaft pre-heaters and one with a grate pre--heater. These represent a total install capacity of 1.2 million tons of burnt products per annum.

Burnt products can either be sold unscreened as run of kiln, or as screened unslaked lumpy products or unslaked lime fines as well as slaked (hydrated) lime. All products are manufactured at the Lime Acres factory.

Lime Processes

  • Selective mining.
  • The main objectives of the mining operations are to supply the desired quality stone to the plant and to external customers, to maintain exposed reserves and ensure optimised mining sequences.
  • Limestone screening.
  • The limestone screening process produces graded limestone and dolomite stockpiles for:
  • Limestone calcination.

The calcination of limestone takes place in coal fired rotary kilns with Neims vertical coolers. Unslaked lime is calcium oxide (CaO) and is obtained by calcining (applying heat to drive off CO2) limestone (CaCO3). The following reaction takes place in the calcination process: CaCO3 + Heat CaO + CO2.

  • Final product screening.

Different applications require specific unslaked lime sizing. The calcined lime from the rotary kilns is screened to specific user requirements.

  • Fine grinding of unslaked lime.

The finer material from final product screening is milled to supply ground unslaked lime as well as fine ground unslaked lime.

  • Lime hydration.

Hydrated lime (or slaked lime) is calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 and it is manufactured by reacting unslaked lime (CaO) with water according to the formula: CaO + H2O Ca(OH)2 + heat.