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Lime In Your Industry


Lime At Its Best

Lime has been used by man to build up society since ancient times. The chemical’s production and uses have grown with time, and today lime is an essential building block of modern society.

Lime In Your Industry

Water Purification

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Feed and Fertliser

Iron & Steelmaking

Common Uses In The Steel And Alloy Industries

:: Solutions and Uses
Fine-crushed limestone is used as a binding agent in the sinter plant.
Formation of slag in the blast furnace process.
Lime is added to scrap substitutes to assist in slag formation.
Lime draws out harmful impurities in electric arc furnaces.
Dolomite extends the refractory lining life of furnaces.
Used in basic oxygen steelmaking (BOF).
Used for sulphur and phosphorus removal in basic oxygen steelmaking.
Quicklime reacts with impurities to form a slag in BOF.
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Non-Ferrous Industries

Common Uses In Gold, Platinum, Vanadium, Copper And Zinc

:: Solutions and Uses
Used in the flotation or recovery of many non-ferrous ores.
Lime acts as a settling aid in the flotation circuit.
Lime maintains proper alkalinity in the flotation circuit.
Used in the flotation of zinc, nickel, and lead-bearing ores.
Used in the recovery of gold and silver in the cyanide leaching process to curtail the loss of cyanide.
Used for pH control.
Used to process gold and silver.
Maintains proper pH in the cyanide solution, preventing the formation of hydrogen cyanide gas.
Used as a fluxing agent in platinum and vanadium smelters.
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Water Treatment

Common Uses For Treating Water

:: Solutions and Uses
The coagulation of suspended solids in the removal of turbidity.
Precipitation of dissolved salts.
Neutralisation of acid waters.
General treatment of industrial wastes.
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Common Uses In Sugar Processing

:: Solutions and Uses
Crude juice is treated with lime to precipitate certain organic compounds.
Used to clarify the solution coagulating other impurities.
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Pulp Paper

Common Uses In The Pulp and Paper Industry

:: Solutions and Uses
Used in the Kraft process to react with sodium carbonate.
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Building And Construction

Common Uses For Building And Construction

:: Solutions and Uses
Soil stabilisation for roads, building foundations, and earthen dams.
Added to low quality soils to produce a usable base and sub-base.
Hydrated lime is a superior anti-stripping additive for asphalt pavements.
Helps resist rutting and fracture growth at low temperatures.
Reduces age hardening.
Improves the moisture resistance and durability.

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Animal Feed And Fertiliser Manufacturing

Common Uses For Agricultural Industries

:: Solutions and Uses
Burnt Lime (CaO) is used in the manufacturing of di-calcium phosphate feed grade for animal feed.
Various calcium rich fertilisers are manufactured from both calcitic and dolomitic.
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Solutions To Water And Air Pollution

:: Solutions and Uses
Cost-effective solution to industries looking to comply with water and air quality standards.
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