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Overview of Readymix Concrete & Fly Ash



Through the acquisition pf Pronto Readymix and 3Q Readymix, PPC is now a supplier of  quality Readymix and Mortars.

Readymix has a number of advantages over site-batched concrete, among them being:

  • Lower overall cost as plant, labour and technical expertise requirements are reduced.
  • The need for site storage of concrete materials is eliminated thus freeing valuable space,
    on cramped sites.
  • Wastage of material is eliminated.
  • High delivery rates can be achieved and several locations can be supplied simultaneously.
  • Quality is assured by the readymix supplier.

Contact us for more information for your Readymix requirements:

Address: PPC Ltd Building, 148 Katherine Street (Cnr Grayston Drive), Sandton, Johannesburg  
Tel: +27 (0)800 236368 (CEMENT)
Enquiries: charl@prontormc.co.za


:: More About Pronto and Ulula Ash

For further information on Pronto go to http://www.prontormc.com/and for Ulula Ash go to http://www.ululaflyash.com/