Serviceability failures of sand-cement screed flooring are, unfortunately, fairly common. Read on for more on better screeding.

Concrete is unique among construction materials in that it requires various degrees of processing. Read on for more on concrete testing.

Two acceptance criteria are given for general concrete work, both of which must be complied with. Read on for more on hardness testing.

Sand-cement mixes are specified in terms of mix proportions by volume, not performance. Read on for more on suitable quantities for mortar mix and plaster mix.

Two common types of concrete cracking are plastic shrinkage cracking and plastic settlement cracking. Read on for more on repairing cracked concrete.

The water requirement of a concrete mix is the amount of water required to produce one cubic metre of concrete. Read more about fine aggregates in concrete.

Cracking due to early age thermal contraction can occur in large concrete sections. Read on for more on thermal cracking.

From time to time, cases arise where aggregate contaminants cause serious serviceability problems. Read on for the effects of aggregate contaminants on cement.

With regards to concrete quality control, specifications state that tests must be carried out by an approved laboratory. Read on for laboratory accreditation.

To ensure the strongest cement bricks/blocks, you need to use a power-packed cement. Read on for more on making bricks and blocks with PPC Cement.

When plastering walls and laying bricks, there are a number of products and processes. Read on for more on plastering and bricklaying with PPC Cement.

When working with cement, it is vital you take in to account the methods of concrete mix estimating. Read on for how to calculate concrete quantities.

There are many small concrete projects that you as a homeowner can confidently tackle using PPC Surebuild Cement. Learn how to make concrete with PPC.

PPC Cement brings you the most comprehensive collection of DIY ideas and building tips. Read on for helpful tips for the DIY enthusiast.


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