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Mobile Science Labs

PPC Ltd prides itself on creating and supporting corporate social investment projects that make a real difference in the lives of the communities. In 2016, PPC launched the Mobile Science Lab Project at Diepsloot West Secondary in Gauteng, South Africa. To date 47 Mobile Science Labs have been launched throughout South Africa positively impacting the lives of 42 000 learners countrywide, opening up their career paths to becoming South Africa’s next generation of engineers, scientists and technicians. For PPC, the Mobile Science Lab initiative is a direct response to supporting talented budding scientists, providing them with the tools to develop their skills.

The mobile science lab is the an ideal alternative for underprivileged schools as it incorporates both technology and the science equipment needed to conduct experiments covered in the high school science syllabus –bringing physics and chemistry to life as never before.

PPC has also partnered with Brainwave to assist with offering workshops and psychometric analysis to assist learners at each school with their subject selection and provide them with career guidance going forward.

PPC aims to deliver lasting benefits to local communities. As a legacy brand, celebrating 126 years in existence, it’s important that PPC leave an equally lasting legacy in communities across the country. PPC is committed to this project and shaping futures in a positive and meaningful way.