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Zimbabwe Palletiser Launch

PPC Zimbabwe (PPC) currently operates in central SADC, an area of emerging markets. As these markets develop, PPC, supported by its vision to be the cement industry leader in its geographical markets, stand poised to grow and expand, while realising its mission to remain the preferred source of cement and cement products in the region.

PPC constantly strives to bring its diverse markets innovative, industry-first products and services that allow them to do the best job they can. The cement manufacturing company strives to create a total experience for its customer when they interact with the company, offering them greater value for money and a trusted partnership that is with them on every step of their building projects. For PPC, the Palletiser project is one of the projects supporting this.

Today, PPC officially launches its most recent acquisition and installation of the latest state of the art palletiser and plastic cover wrapping machine, a first in Zimbabwe’s cement industry. An automated machine which packs cement bags onto a pallet in a neatly designed unit, the palletiser will offer improved output, better service and turn-around times for our customers, enhancing PPC’s service delivery while ensuring that PPC remains the supplier of choice within Zimbabwe and beyond, in the region.

“To remain on top of our game and ensure that we, in support of our company values, understand that our customers are the reason for our existence and that our efforts will be focussed on understanding and meeting our customers’ needs consistently and  supplying quality products and services provides a service that goes far beyond the simple purchasing of cement. We are involved in every part of our customer’s journey right up until project completion, said Mr Njombo Lekula, MD for PPC Zimbabwe


The new palletised packing system is a more efficient packing system that will address time wasting challenges when palleted cement is being loaded and offloaded by forklifts. It will also make the process less labour intensive with less dust and minimal breakages, while providing a faster and safer packing option. Unused pallets will now be covered with the shrink wrap and stored outside, protecting cement from moisture damage.


“As Zimbabwe’s leading Cement Company we endeavour to remain at the forefront of providing supreme customer convenience and world class standards in service delivery allied with unbeatable consistent quality cement. The palletiser project is the first of many innovations we intend to introduce moving forward as we seek to consolidate our position as the undisputed cement choice in Zimbabwe. PPC’s extensive experience over the years enables us to boldly state TRUST A CENTURION, as we have stood the test of time since 1913,” concluded Lekula.

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