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PPC Soil Turning Event in Zimbabwe

Africa has an unprecedented opportunity for economic growth and prosperity as the world’s fastest growing market. The 'Zimbabwe Outward Trade & Investment Mission' from 04- 06 August 2015 was the first activity of its kind in Zimbabwe. It was the manifestation of the meaningful conversation and palpable investor optimism galvanised at the forum. Prospective investors who attended the event expressed a keen interest in participating. PPC Zimbabwe partnered with Mail & Guardian and had the Msasa Plant ground breaking event on the 5th of August 2015.

It was very well attended with the Minister of Harare Metropolitan Province Hon. Chikukwa, community leaders, captains of industry, Senior Government officials, members of the Diplomatic Corps as well as our stockists and retailers coming through. This created the perfect platform to solidify its credentials as a Corporate Citizen with national geographic credentials further emphasising the fact that PPC is in Zimbabwe to stay and will play a major role in the empowerment of the country due to its further investment into the country.

Our investment into a new plant goes to show that PPC is a truly Zimbabwean company and not just a Matabeleland company. We are making this investment when the economy is not performing well because we believe in the future of the country and expect many projects to come forth from the ZIMASSET blueprint.

Besides cement production, we will soon be venturing into related areas which could include moulding of concrete bricks and pavers. We will also look at the supply of aggregates in the country.

The new plant is expected to be commissioned in September 2016 and will have a capacity of 700 000 tonnes. The group expects to invest a total $200 million on the Msasa plant in Harare.



Njombo Lekula, Non executive Director delivering the opening speech for the business breakfast on 6 August 2015 in Harare


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