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The leading supplier of cement in southern Africa. PPC also produces aggregates, metallurgical-grade lime, burnt dolomite and limestone.

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PPC and Olegra Oil: rethinking SME ownership structures to enable real empowerment
2015/11/19 12:00:00 AM
The ability to convert a great business idea into a great business is directly dependent on the calibre of entrepreneur driving the opportunity. Without the requisite vision and passion it will prove virtually impossible for them to realise the full potential of the gap they have identified. Beyond vision and passion however, the entrepreneur will also need critical skills and expertise to grow and develop the business. In instances where corporates identify a compelling opportunity in their supply chain, how can they take this to market in their local community in a way that drives real empowerment – despite the lack of appropriately qualified entrepreneurial candidates? PPC’s journey with its enterprise development beneficiary company Olegra Oil is an example of what can be made possible in this type of situation if one rethinks “ownership” to be far more inclusive...
PPC Press Release: In pursuit of sustainable infrastructure development
2015/10/29 12:00:00 AM
Concrete continues to play a pivotal role in economic growth both locally and globally. As infrastructure investment and development across Africa take on a new sense of urgency, the construction industry is recognising that a different approach is required on and for the continent however, and that we can’t simply take textbook-type economic models and apply them across this diverse space if we’re committed to taking a long term view of sustainability. Africa’s context demands that we innovate across the full value chain – from planning right through to design, construction and building management. As such, much of this sustainable innovation will have to do with the use of concrete as a building material.

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